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NetBackup 8.0: Administration

Veritas Net backup Course Description :

The NetBackup 8.0: Administration course provides the IT professional with instruction on the functionality of NetBackup 8.0 software. This course covers the general principles of using NetBackup to develop and implement a storage management strategy, including how to:

  • Configure and operate NetBackup 8.0.
  • Manage NetBackup using graphical interfaces and commands.
  • Provide service protection and recovery.
  • Use the NetBackup Activity Monitor, NetBackup reports, and
  • OpsCenter to monitor NetBackup activity.

What is Veritas NetBackup?

Veritas NetBackup have being a data protection software designed for clients who have both physical and virtual environments which can be moved to public cloud services. Other Support platforms are VMware & Hyper-V Virtualization, With windows and Linux Operating Systems, also Provides  combined deduplication, replication, and disaster recovery skills and helps to operate multiple backup servers

What are the pre-requisites to learn Veritas Netbackup Training?

Students should be familiar with general network and storage concepts, and the administration and configuration of Windows or Linux operating systems.

Who Should attend Veritas Netback-up Course online?

This course is intended for technical professionals responsible for the design, configuration, operation, monitoring, or support of NetBackup.

What you will learn in Veritas netback up training online?

You would be learning the general principles, configuration, and management of NetBackup, including how to best utilize the NetBackup tools and interfaces, effectively monitor backup operations and ensure data recovery objectives are met.

Veritas Net Backup Course Content : 

Introducing NetBackup

  • Introduction to data protection
  • The NetBackup environment
  • NetBackup concepts
  • Using the NetBackup Administration Console
  • NetBackup appliance overview
  • Using NetBackup OpsCenter

Configuring NetBackup Storage

  • NetBackup storage device concepts
  • Configuring NetBackup basic disk storage

Configuring Policies and Schedules

  • Introduction to backup policies
  • Creating and configuring policy attributes
  • Creating a policy schedule
  • Adding a client to a policy
  • Creating backup selections
  • Managing existing policies

Performing File System Backups

  • Using and customizing the NetBackup Activity Monitor
  • Performing manual backup operations
  • Performing user-directed backups

Performing File System Restores

  • Introduction to restores
  • Performing restore operations using the BAR interface
  • Restoration procedures

Configuring Disk Pools

  • Understanding disk pools and Advanced Disk
  • Configuring Advanced Disk
  • Managing Advanced Disk storage

Configuring Media Server Deduplication

  • Introduction to NetBackup deduplication
  • Configuring NetBackup media server deduplication
  • Configuring client-side deduplication
  • Managing NetBackup deduplication

Course Duration: 30 days

Duplicating Backups

  • Backup duplication concepts
  • Storage lifecycle policy concepts
  • Using storage lifecycle policies

Managing and Protecting the NetBackup Catalog

  • Introduction to NetBackup Catalog.
  • Managing Images.
  • Configuring a Catalog backup policy.
  • Disaster recovery strategies.

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