Guidewire Portal Online Training

Guidewire Portal Online Training

There are 3 portal products:

  • Guidewire Account Management
  • Guidewire Gateway Portal for Agents
  • Guidewire Quote And Buy

Prerequisite for learning Portal

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, AngularJS, JSON, JavaScript, Gosu/Java is needed

Course structure for portal

Common for learning any portal product.

  • Digital Portal Configuration Overview
  • Install Deploy Use Debug
  • Configuration Basics Frontend
  • Configuration Basics Backend
  • Configuration Wizards Frontend
  • Configuration Wizards Backend
  • Edge Framework Angular Directives
  • Web Services Configuration for Portal Framework

Course specific for configuring any portal product –
Installation Procedure

  • Introduction to Installation
  • Setting Up the Portal
  • Setting Up the Frontend Application for Configuration

Portal Configuration

  • Edge Architecture Overview
  • High Level Code Structure
  • Frontend Capabilities
  • Back End Capabilities
  • Capability Customization
  • Customizing Frontend Components
  • Customizing Backend Components
  • Replacing Sample & Demo Plugins
  • Wizard Page Flow
  • Line of Business Separation
  • Frontend Technology Stack
  • View Model
  • Metadata
  • Expression Language
  • Validation
  • Localization
  • Enable Capability Features in a Front-end Build
  • Styles
  • Dynamic Branding

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