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The Cybersecurity Specialization covers the basic ideas hidden the development of secure frameworks, from the equipment to the product to the human-PC interface, with the utilization of cryptography to make sure about associations. These ideas are shown with models drawn from current practice, and expanded with hands-on practices including significant apparatuses and methods. Successful members will build up a perspective that is security-situated, better seeing how to consider enemies and how to fabricate frameworks that guard against them.

Cyber Security Online Training

what are the pre-requistes To Learn CyberSecurity Course?

    Having a Better Understanding of Network Security
·   Well Versed with  Basic System Administration
·  Knowing Database Applications
·  Having skill set of  Data Recovery

Who can learn Cybersecurity Course ?

·         Technical support engineers
·         Security consultants/managers
·         IT directors/managers/consultants
·         Chief information security officers (CISOs)
·         Security auditors/architects
·         Chief compliance/privacy/risk officers
·         Security systems engineers
·         Systems analysts or administrators
·         All levels of IT auditors/penetration testers

Training Objectives for Cyber Security Course Online ?

·         To know the fundamental concepts of Cyber Security
·         Learning  Cryptography
·         Excel in Computer networks & security
·         To Know the critical aspects of Data & Endpoint security
·         To Know the DataBase Activity Monitoring (DAM), identity and
access Management
·         Becoming Expertise in Application Security

What are the highest Paid Cybersecurity Jobs Roles ?

Chief Information Security Officers
Senior Security Consultant
Security Engineers 
Data Security Analyst
Penetration Testers

Cyber Security training enables you gain expertise in the following areas:

  • Security Fundamentals
  • Security Teams Management
  • Offensive Security
  • Cloud Security Architecture
  • Security Systems Architecture
  • Auditing and Compliance
  • Electives
  • Networking Concepts

Why Cybersecurity?

An ever increasing number of organizations today require skilled & talented Cybersecurity experts to stop phishers, programmers, and cybercriminals in their tracks. This has prompted a great demand for Cybersecurity expert in the Industry. Because of it, there are large number of high compensated openings for Cybersecurity experts in the industry

Cyber Security course Syllabus

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Foot printing and Reconnaissance

Scanning Networks


System Hacking

Malware Threats


Social Engineering

Denial of Services

Session Hijacking

Hacking Web servers

Vulnerability Analysis

Hacking Web Applications

SQL Injection

Hacking Wireless Networks

Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honey pots

Hacking Mobile Application Platforms

IoT Hacking

Cloud Computing


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