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Commvault Training

Transform your career and become Commvault certified with the help of eduwizztraining’s Commvault training. This course qualifies you with basic fundamental knowledge of configuration, media agent, commserve server configuration, storage configuration, agent deployment, data security along with practical examples. You would be further learning how to configure and administer a commcell environment using Commvault Command Center and CommCell Console both. Training would be hand-on with environment to enhance your skills in this technology

What are the training Objectives of Commvault Online training?

Commvault training guides you in building vital skills to install, configure & Run a Commvault Software using the functions of admin console & Commcell Console.

Why should you learn Commvault to grow your career?

Over the past few years, Commvault has had a Phenomenal development and is expected to grow in coming years. Their is a enormous necessity across different sectors for well-qualified commvault experts. Certified Experts in Commvault earn about $132,000 a year

Who should learn Commvault ?

Administrators, Database Managers, and aspirants who are prepared to know commvault approaches will benefit from taking this course.

What will you learn in this Commvault Training ?

The Students or aspirants will be prepared to Configure and handle CommCell deploy demands at the end of this training: Configure and maintain Simpana Software and Update Caches for virtual environments.


Commvault Online Training Overview:

Built on a unique, single-platform architecture, CommVault Simpana enables high-performance data protection, universal availability and simplified management of data on complex storage networks. CommVault Simpana Backup, Deduplication, Archive, Replication, e-Discovery and Storage Resource Management software work together seamlessly, sharing a single code base and common function set, with innovative capabilities such as failover, data encryption, safeguarding removable media built-in as standard. All our CommVault Training is delivered by CommVault Education, using CommVault Trainers experienced as consultants.

Commvault Back up Core Fundamentals  Training Description

This Instructor-Led course is intended for personnel responsible for day-to-day administration and management of CommVault Simpana software. The course covers essential concepts, details, options, and best practices for user security and management, system settings, policy configuration and use, media and library management, job activity and status monitoring, and job management. Students also learn how to efficiently and effectively manage data movement (backup, archive, auxiliary copy, and restore) within a CommCell group. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for administration of users, tasks, clients, libraries, and media using the CommCell Console interface for the CommVault Common Technology Engine (CTE). Practical examples and “Hands-on” labs are used to reinforce the concepts in this course such as user administration and security, client and storage policy configuration, library and media management options, task management, restore procedures and options, overall system monitoring and more.

Skills You Would be Learning Through  Commvault Lab :

  • You will be able to install and setup Oracle 12c database
  • You will be able to install and setup Microsoft SQL 2014 database
  • You will be able to install and setup Linux Ubuntu
  • You will be able to install and setup Microsoft Active Directory
  • You will be able to install and setup Amazon AWS Cloud
  • Oracle Virtualbox to host your Linux or Windows VM’s

Commvault Training Course Content : 

1.Software Overview 2.Software Capabilities. 3.Commvault Architecture 4.Libraries

  1. Magnetic Libraries
  2. Tape Libraries
  3. Cloud Libraries
  4. Sharing Libraries with multiple Media Agent
  5. Expert Storage Configuration

5.Storage Policy

  1. Non-Deduplication Storage Policy
  2. Dedup Storage Policy
  3. Client-Side Deduplication
  4. Media Agent Side Deduplication
  5. Basic and extended Retention

6.Backup Set 7.Subclient a.Subclient Configuration b.Client Side Deduplication Signature Generation Configuration c.Media Agent Side Deduplication Signature Generation Configuration

  1. Backup
  2. Restore
  3. Storage Policy Copy (Secondary Copy)
  4. Configuration
  5. Basic and extended Retention
  6. Overview of copies.
  7. Synchronous Copy
  8. Selective Copy

iii. Inline Copy

  1. Parallel Copy
  2. WORM Copy
  3. Silo Copy
  4. Aux copy fallen behind
  5. Deduplication
  6. How Client Side Deduplication Works
  7. How Media Side Deduplication Works
  8. How client Side dedup with cache works
  9. Compression
  10. SubClient level configuration
  11. Storage Policy level configuration
  12. Encryption Types and Configuration
  13. Storage Policy level configuration
  14. Client level configuration.
  15. Storage Policy Datapath Management
  16. Multiple datapath configuration.
  17. Adding shared datapath
  18. Configuring Hardware Compression for tape library
  19. Configuring Hardware Encryption for tape library.
  20. Alternate / Failover datapath configuration
  21. Change data path
  22. Chunk Size
  23. Stream Concept
  24. On Library
  25. On Storage Policy
  26. On Sub client
  27. Data Verification
  28. Basic
  29. Deduplication Store based verification
  30. Alert
  31. Configuration of alert
  32. Event viewer
  33. GUI Loging
  34. Command Line (XML,QOperation,Qscript)
  35. Basic
  36. MediaAgent
  37. Storage Policy
  38. Storage Policy Copy
  39. Backup Set
  40. Sub client
  41. Save as a script
  42. Troubleshooting
  43. Debug level
  44. Log analysis
  45. Data Aging
  46. Logical
  47. Physical
  48. Vault Tracker
  49. Commcell Report
  50. Users Management
  51. Disaster recovery
  52. DR Overview
  53. DR Storage Policy Configuration
  54. DR Tool

26.Download update and install update

27.Media Agent Cluster Configuration

Commvault Online Training is a combination of lessons and labs. The labs are designed so students can exercise their newly gained knowledge and cement their understanding. . This training will cover both commvault core fundamentals training along with commvault architecture & advance training with commvaut certification guidance along with commvault training material pdf & Trainer will be given guidance upon commvault backup careers as well in the training.After this training simpana training V11 you would be in a position to work on a  project .

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