Angular JS Online Training

Audience and Prerequisites

Those who have a basic understanding of JavaScript and any text editor. As we are going to develop web-based applications using AngularJS, it will be good if you have an understanding of other web technologies such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, etc.

AngularJS Introduction
AngularJS Expressions

  • Literals
  • Operators
  • Variables
  • Objects
  • Arrays ..etc

AngularJS Directives

  • ng-app
  • ng-init
  • ng-model
  • ng-repeat

AngularJS Controllers

  • ng-controller
  • scope
  • controllers in external files

AngularJS Filters

  • Lower and Upper case
  • Currency
  • Order by

AngularJS HttpRequest

  • Reading JSON files
  • AngularJS Tables
  • AngularJS SQL
  • ng-disabled


  • ng-show
  • ng-hide

AngularJS HTML Events

  • ng-click
  • AngularJS Modules
  • ng-model

AngularJS Forms

  • input elements
  • select elements
  • button elements
  • textarea elements..etc

AngularJS Validation

  • $dirty
  • $invalid

AngularJS Bootstrap
AngularJS Includes

  • ng-include

AngularJS Application

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