Adobe CQ5 Online Training

Adobe CQ5 Online Training

Adobe CQ5 Online Training course made easy through Eduwizz by its best available experienced online tutors. Instructor led classes offer intensive, role-based training with fully equipped class infrastructure and bring the Adobe CQ5 online Training best experience. We provide an opportunity to interact with the online tutors and peers, further enhance the Adobe CQ5 Training experience by sharing the real time tips, tricks and best Industry practices.

Adobe CQ5/AEM Training
Pre-requisites FOR Adobe CQ5 Training

  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in web development including experience with HTML, CSS and DHTML
  • Strong knowledge and experience with JavaScript in the client side environment
  • Strong knowledge and experience with JavaServer Pages (JSP)
  • Advanced knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (Java preferred)
  • Knowledge of open standards (e.g. XML, LDAP)

Objectives of Adobe CQ5 (AEM) 6.1) Training

The overall goal of this training is to enable developers to create and understand basic CQ development practices and to prepare themselves for project work under the lead of a senior web developer. This course is not intended to provide any custom instruction focused on specific sites or projects.

Adobe CQ5 Online Training Course Description

Adobe CQ5 Developer Training teaches developers the fundamentals of building a custom CQ application, based on templates and components. This includes practice with CQ development techniques such as developing templates and authoring environments for mobile sites and websites, dynamic image rendering, navigation and modularization, using both CRXDE Lite and CRXDE..

In-depth lecture presentations and discussions introduce concepts essential to CQ while comprehensive hands-on exercises, using CRXDE, reinforce concepts learned during lecture presentations. The overall goal of this training is to enable developers to create and understand basic CQ development practices and to prepare themselves for project work under the lead of a senior web developer.

Overview of the OSGI Framework, JCR, REST, and Apache Sling Technologies

  • Overview of the Product and Platform architectures
  • Creating and Managing Template s and associated page-rendering
  • Components
  • Installing and utilizing CRXDE and CRXDE Lite
  • Creating, Adding, and Managing Components
  • Taking input from Authors using Component and Design Dialogs
  • Defining and assigning a Design to a web site
  • Creating a custom Widget and CQ package
  • Overview of Workflow definition
  • Overview of mobile content concepts, emulators, components
  • Creating custom workflow process steps
  • OSGi bundles and consuming classed defined in them
  • Sling Architecture and usage of implicit objects
  • Multi Site Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Tagging in WCM
  • Working with Digital Assets
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Integration with Social Communities
  • CQ Analytics
  • CQ Reporting
  • CQ Ecommerce

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By attending Adobe CQ5 Training, students gain the requisite product knowledge to optimize their project contribution. Students receive valuable hands-on experience.And essential tools for increased self-sufficiency and project success.

Adobe CQ5 training course is a combination of lessons and labs. The labs are designed so students can exercise their newly gained knowledge and cement their understanding

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